World Premiere

Opening Night: August 4, 2011


Ripper premiered at the 600-seat Broadway Rose Theatre in Portland, Oregon and was nominated for 11 Portland Musical Theater Awards—more than any other show that season. It went on to win seven awards,  including the top prizes of Outstanding Original Show and Score. Other winners are marked with an asterik(*).

The Broadway Rose Theatre*

Sharon Maroney, producing artistic director

Dan Murphy, general manager

Meghan Newton, production supervisor


Production Team

Abe Reybold, director

Alan D. Lytle, music director*

Mont Chris Hubbard, assistant music director

Chelle Jazuk, stage manager

Gene Dent, scenic designer (lights and set)*

Shana Targosz, costume designer

Allison Dawe, assistant costume designer

Dan Hallberg, sound designer

Deborah Dahling, props designer

Jonathan Hart, resident technical director

Demitri Pavlatos, technical director

Drew Dannhorn, magic consultant



Isaac Lamb (Chester Talbot)

Audrey Voon (Mary Kelly)

Amy Jo Halliday (Mrs. Ratkin)

Bruce Blanchard (John Pizer, a.k.a. Willy)

Josh Stenseth (Eddie)

Rebecca Teran (Kate Eddowes)*

Olivia Shimkus (Long Liz Stride)

Gary Norman (Sergeant Neill)

Rani Lightle (Annie Chapman)

Megan Misslin (Polly Nichols)

Holly Wigmore (Nelly Wilcox)

Jennifer Davies (Sarah Talbot)

Nathan Boese (Ensemble)

Matt Brown (Ensemble)

Jeremy Garfinkel (Ensemble)

Sammuel Hawkins (Ensemble)

Darren Hurley (Ensemble)

Annie Kaiser (Ensemble)

Chrissy Kelly (Ensemble)

Blake Isaac (Ensemble)

David Smidebush (Ensemble)

Timo Strauhal (Ensemble)

Brian Tennison (Ensemble)


Rani Lightle (Annie) and Amy Jo Halliday (Mrs. Ratkin) performing at the PennyWise