The story

The gruesome history of the Jack the Ripper murders is well known. Five East End London prostitutes were killed in the span of about 10 weeks in the autumn of 1888. The killer was never found. Theories abound to this day as to his identity, but the mystery will never be solved.

The mystery goes beyond the identity of the killer, though, to something much broader. Throughout history, evil has always found its way into the lives of innocent people, whether through organized acts of terror or seemingly random acts of violence. The many ways that people come to terms with evil—for better or for worse—is what drives the show and gives it timeless relevance.

From the reporter who covers the story, to the magician who runs the brothel, the police, and of course, the prostitutes, their lives are brought together by an intricate plot that interweaves magic and mayhem, the lively nightlife of the music halls, and the ever-present danger of a killer lurking in the shadows.

More than a hundred years later, it is not the mystery of the Ripper’s identity that lingers in our consciousness, it is the fear that “what we see may not be what it seems.”

Rebecca Teran & Audrey Voon