Jennifer Davies  as Sarah Talbot

Development History

It takes a lot of people to bring together a musical the size of Ripper. Prior to the premiere production, more than 90 performers, directors, designers, and producers had contributed to the readings and recordings that have helped shape the show so far, many of them from Broadway shows you know. Each of them brought a unique contribution to the process, and without them, it would have been impossible to create a show like this.

The Dramatists Guild Writer’s Intensive

September 2010

Through the Dramatists Guild, Ripper was developed with the guidence of some of the industry’s most accomplished artists, including Lynn Ahrens, Stephen Flaherty and Mark Hollmann, who provided invaluable insights and support.

NAMT Festival of New Musicals, NYC

October 2009

The nation’s preeminent musical theater festival and a leading organization in the country for the promotion and development of new musicals. Learn more about them at NAMT.

National Alliance for Musical Theatre, producer

Kathy Evans, executive director

Branden Huldeen, NAMT director of new works

John Simpkins, director

Brian Usifer, music director

Alix Claps, stage manager

Kate Galvin, creative consultant

Heather Schmucker, creative consultant


Jen Babiak

Cyrilla Baer

Neal Benari

Michael Craig

Joan Hess

Liz McCartney

Eric William Morris

Rob Richardson

Ivan Rutherford

Elena Shaddow

Katie Thompson

Bruce Winant

Well Rounded Productions, NYC

Commercial producer, Well Rounded Productions, produced the first public reading in NY in March of 2007.

Well Rounded Productions, producer

Esther H. Cohen, producer

Stephen Amato, director

Michael Morris, music director

Celina Carvajal, assistant director

Andrea Jess Berkey, stage manager

Suzanne Apicella, production assistant


Gil Brady

Carey Brown

Jackie Burns

Colin Donnell

Tom Flagg

Davis Gaines

Lydia Gladstone

Annie Golden

Holly Holcomb

Zachary James

Kevin Loreque

Frank Moran

Kevin Morrow

Jacqui Polk

Edward Prostak

Dominic Sahagun

Erica Schroeder

Amanda Serra

Deborah Tyre

James Zannelli

The STAGES Festival, Chicago

Theatre Building Chicago

John Sparks, artistic director

Joan Mazonelli, executive director

Allan Chambers, producer

Henry Fonte, director

Jeremy Ramey, music director


David Adamick

Roger Anderson

Cyrilla Baer

Lili-Anne Brown

Knate Cliber

Brandon Dahlquist

Elizabeth Dowling

Brannen Daugherty

Leo Fotos

Sarah Hayes

Tim Howard

Nate Johnson

Allison Kelly

Sarah Laue

Natalie Myre

Michael Reyes

Holly Stauder

Apple Tree Theatre, Highland Park, IL

The first theater to give voice to Ripper way back when.

Eileen Boevers, artistic director

Stevi Marks, director

Tim Stadler, technical director


Roger Anderson

Paul Avedisian

Diana Basmajian

Evan Bregman

Sharon Carlson

Jeanne Croft

Gwen Eagleton

Scot Fedderly

Jim Fitzgerald

Chris Garbrecht

Susan Gattoni

Mark-David Kaplan

Jeffrey Kuhl

Carol Kuykendall

John Landis

Renee Matthews

Kimberly Neumann

Jim Parks

Kat Taylor

Recording Artists

In addition to the performers above, many others have contributed to the recordings of Ripper throughout the development process. Their contributions have been invaluable.

Amy Arbizzani

Devin DeSantis

Roberta Duchak

Kevin Earley

Julie Emery

Mary Ernster

Ray Frewen

Kate Fry

Steve Hinger

Heidi Kettenring

Ted Koch

Erika Mac

Sarah Swanson

Travis Taylor

Kevin Vortman

Kathy Voytko

Jonathan Weir